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Monday, 18 August 2014



So I uploaded two new videos on You tube after months of procrastinating...

One is of me styling my twists from June;

The second is my review on the LUSH Cosmetics I got in July..

Let me know what you think...I'm still getting a hang of making You tube videos but I definitely enjoy making them.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beyond the expiry date- how to know when your hair products have gone bad.

How's everyone doing? Hope well.  I am back with a new post I think will be helpful for fellow product junkies in the house. I cannot tell you how many products sitting in my products basket under my vanity are over one year old!

Now the issue is, most of these products don't have expiry dates written on them and though they are mostly made to have long shelf lives with the preservatives used, with the rise of a more organic approach and the use of less preservatives, I think we have to be conscious of the products we use especially after they have been on the shelf for a year... why I say this is because recently, I was moisturizing and sealing and humming away when I reached for an old bottle of a leave in(I will leave the name out) but I'd had it since 2012(covers face) and I wanted to use up the last bit, I poured the contents in my hand and what I saw is what inspired this post....

So here are signs that your hair/beauty product might have gone bad...

The smell is off...that's a tell tale sign, don't even think of using a product that smelt like coconut when you got it and now smells like rotten eggs!!

The consistency is off...if it was creamy and fluffy when you got it and it is now coagulating, runny or feels weird, time to bin it!

The color has changed...this is another tell tale sign, for me the product I mentioned earlier, changed from a cream color to a greenish algae color!!Gross!!

The packaging looks strange...the bottom might have started melting away, the cover might become rusty, the once strong to squeeze bottle is now as soft as a cheap plastic might be telling you it's outlived it's lifespan...

I wish a relative of mine read this before she lost all her hair because of expired relaxer!! I saw her after not seeing her for a while and all her hair had chopped off, I asked why and she said, she went to a salon to relax her hair, they got the relaxer that they were selling, opened the box and applied it to her hair, she instantly felt burns and asked for them to hurriedly wash it off her hair, as they did, all her hair fell off!!! She said one glance at the pack of relaxer told her that the relaxer must have been very old and very expired!!!

This point on packaging leads me to an observation I'd like to share; products in pump bottles or nozzles like this;

Tend to be safer and have longer shelf life than products in. Tubs like this;

Why because, the act of dipping your fingers in the tub allows for transfer of bacteria and this contributes to products going bad quicker. So while I am not saying you should avoid using products in tubs( no way!) I recommend that you use them up within a year of purchase or at least before you use up the ones in nozzles and pumps if you have a stash like I do. I'll be using the ones that passed my test up all month long.

With that this blog topic is concluded, do you have any more tests for products gone bad, please share below.

In other news, the weekend treat available this weekend at the hub is a BEERSSENTIAL RINSE- Consisting of, you guessed it- 100% malt lager BEER 

The malt and yeast in beer is said to leave hair strong, shiny, and bouncy.

Best used on heat damaged hair because it contains wheat protein which will help fill missing gaps in the hair shaft.

It makes your hair appear thicker, as the protein sticks to the hair fibers. 

It contains vitamin B which is good for healing damaged hair, the 'SSENTIAL' in the name above stands for the essential oils mix we will be adding to the treat for nourishment and shine.

To indulge in this weekend treat, simply visit us at 34a awolowo rd, Ikoyi Lagos or call 08090613325 for an appointment. This treat costs N1000 only.


Sunday, 10 August 2014


I made an ACCENT WALL in my dinning area, if you like such things click my INTERIOR DECOR WITH DABS Page.

Check on it.  Feel free to share your ideas


Thursday, 7 August 2014


I'm baccckkk!! Told you ladies that this blog will be getting more of my attention from now on!!

So I'm here to introduce a service that I hope a lot of you will be interested in. You know how overseas there are companies that have meal plan services specially formulated for dieting or diabetes or whatever issue that's in focus, well I was thinking it might be a great idea to create such a service for HAIR!!!LOL

If you've been a reader of this blog long enough you will remember that at some point in 2012, I started NHCG hair kits; the kits comprised of natural products like oils, milk, tea etc aimed at solving specific hair issues like dryness, brittleness, weakness, thinning etc...Well the service I am about to introduce to you is a refurbished version of that idea!!

Basically, all it entails is this; On Thursday I will announce the weekend treat for that weekend; you can preferably call in to book for yours for either pick up at the store, delivery (attracts delivery cost) or book an appointment for hub indulgence(you come into Savvy & Chic from Friday evening to Saturday evening and use the treatment ).

Each treatment will be a freshly made batch just for that weekend as the shelf life with most of the ingredients will not exceed 3 days... The treatments are served and stored in an AIR TIGHT vacuum sealed glass mason jar...Now again you can decide to do the following;

PICK UP AND INDULGE- You simply visit the hub @ 34 A AWOLOWO RD. IKOYI, Lagos, call 08090613325 or email  with the subject ''WEEKEND TREAT'' from Thursday before you come and we will have your jar ready- that will cost N3000 only. You get to keep the jar.

Now when the next weekend treat comes along and you want to indulge away from the hub( at home or at your salon), you can simply refill the jar you bought from us with the new weekend treat and that will be- N2500 (Again refills will be only with our jar.
NO DRINKING INVOLVED!! Straws just added for extra effect*wide grin*

DROP OFF AND INDULGE- For those super busy ladies looking to give their hair a treat, I did not leave you out of the action. You can call the number I gave above or send an email every Thursday we announce there's a weekend treat. We will arrange to drop it off at your address( delivery charge will be included and starts from N500 upwards depending on your location), you can indulge and get refills as well, refills will require that you provide your clean mason jar upon our arrival at your address and we will refill it for you up to the 100 ml mark.

Finally we have the HUB INDULGENCE- We will be glad to have you come by our location as stated above, of course we prefer you book an appointment first, then grab a jar and get the entire treatment done- at the hub the treatment will cost you N2000 only.

So we are kicking off this WEEKEND TREAT PROGRAM with a yummy WHIPPED YOGURT HAIR SMOOTHIE-


The main ingredient is 100% plain Yogurt, there's coconut oil in there, extra virgin olive oil and four other secret ingredients which are company secrets(lol) but it smells and feels yum!!

Benefits of this treat;
1.The protein content in yogurt provides ample nourishment and strengthening to the hair without making it dull or dry.

2.Yogurt has zinc and lactic acid properties which help stimulate blood circulation and aids growth.

3.Yogurt contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help stimulate hair growth by acting as a natural cleanser and helps get rid of unwanted dandruff from the scalp. 

Now that's just Yogurt, the oils and other nutritionally packed ingredients make this treat a great one for strengthening and rejuvenating damaged, brittle hair that is breaking.

*This is a protein treatment.

Best believe I will be indulging in this treatment on Friday night and I enjoin you all to support this service and grab a jar as soon as you can, even if its not this time but next time, you can arrange a spa party with friends where you just indulge from head to toe, our treats will be great for such...the great thing about this particular treatment and most of the treatments that we will create is their multi-functionality as this whipped yogurt smoothie can also double as a face/body mask!!!

Again, these treatment are made fresh, so their shelf life is not long at all, they are however put in clean, air tight mason jars that do well to lock out moisture and bacteria, and they are oh so yummy!!

Interested? Please call 08090613325 tomorrow or email with your enquiries and we will be glad to assist!!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014


How's everyone doing?!! Well I am good, been missing in action on the blogsphere for a while but I've decided to come back to my first love- this blog!! I have a series of interesting things lined up so stay tuned ladies!!!

Now down to business!! You remember at the start of the year when I announced the 6 inches of growth challenge and 32 ladies sent in their pics;

Check them out; HEREHERE AND HERE

So now that we have roughly 4 months to go, I'd like to know; HOW'S IT GOING?

1. Who has retained length?
2. Did you try any extreme measures like the inversion method?
3. Who has suffered a set back?
4. Did anyone get a major cut?
5. How many trims have you had all year long?
6. Is anyone having an inverted V?
7. Did anyone color their hair?
8.  What has been your go to protective style?

Now let me go ahead and answer the questions I asked;

1. Yes I have retained at least 3 inches since the challenge began, my ends are not great though but I am holding up...

2. Since the last time I blogged about it, I haven't tried the inversion method but I think I need to be on it, I however have been exercising and most of the exercise involves staying on a mat and flipping my head around as I venture to do Pilates and I feel that has helped with aiding blood flow in my scalp region and promoting growth.

3. I have not exactly suffered a set back but my back hair has refused to catch up with the rest of my hair which has been the case since I started my hair journey, I have also noticed my temples get thin once I stop using black castor oil for a few weeks so you best believe I've been using it diligently!!

4. Nope I have not gotten a major cut, been tempted anytime I see my back hair but after trying to even things out three times in the past three years, I now know its genetics and will just keep babying the back till it catches up.

5. I've trimmed my hair 6 times this year :) Let's call it dusting...when I look at my ends and see split ends, I go under bright light preferably my laptop light and seek and destroy with sharp hair shears...trimming should be less than 1/2 an inch of hair so you don't loose length except your hair needs a hair cut. There's never any need to hold on to split ends.

6. The inverted V is trying to rare its ugly head but im just doing the best I can to avoid it :(

7. This year, I've experimented with color more than ever since I started my hair journey but its had nothing to do with my own hair, I've used crotchet extensions and clip ins to achieve the desired looks (spy my instagram) and they have worked great...using hair color especially those lighter colors that lift the hair shaft rather than deposit on it(like Henna) are a no-no because they exposure your hair to undue dryness and breakage. So if you must indulge I recommend crotchet extensions, clip ins or wigs.

8. As for protective styling, what will my hair be without them...this year its been crotchet extensions done at the hub from the Senegalese twists to marley hair, if you follow me on instagram you'd already know how much I love them, I also have been bunning as usual, tucking those ends away so they don't rub on my clothes and dry out. Remember, with our hair its all about MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE then PROTEIN but MOISTURE is usually paramount!!

And with that, I'd like to know your answers, please comment below, let's compare notes as we race to the finish line!!

The winner will win $100 cash or $100 worth of products (their choice), the winner will also be featured in the Savvy & Chic hair/beauty magazine...there are also goody bags up for grabs Y'all so take these last 4 months seriously, give it your best shot and you just might be walking away with the star prize!!!

Happy growing!!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


How did everyone enjoy the extra loooong weekend?!!(for those in Naija). I for sure did and I am seriously dreading tomoz :(

I put up this pic;

and I asked followers on Instagram to choose which they prefer and of the 6 comments left, only one lady preferred Carol's Daughter hair milk...after using both of them alternatively for the past two weeks my verdict is in...

And I vote in favor of SHEA MOISTURE CURL & STYLE MILK!!!!

And here is my reason...

Consistency; Sometimes lighter products doesn't necessarily equate that the product is more moisturizing...and I find that, that's the case with the Carol's daughter product, here's a picture of the two products one after the other;

Shea Moisture

Carol's Daughter

Notice how the Carol's Daughter product is rolling down my hand while the shea moisture seems to be in place, normally that will indicate that the Carol's Daughter hair milk has more slip and more moisture but for the weirdest reason it did not make my hair feel moisturized for more than 20 minutes, I found that I needed to use quite a lot to feel a difference and then after 20 minutes my hair was pretty much back to square one, so I looked at the ingredient list and I saw that though the first ingredient was water, this product is packed with no less than 8 oils and butters and glycerine a humectant that is supposed to help retain moisture is listed as the 8th ingredient. That in my humble view might be the problem, the fact that oil and water do not mix is no theory and so a ''moisturizing'' product with that many oils might not be as moisturizing as it ought to be... 

On the other hand, Shea moisture Curl & Style Milk has fewer oils; five in number and of the ingredients include, shea butter, silk protein, Coconut oil which we should all know is an excellent oil that conditions as well as strengthens the hair shaft, vitamin E and honeysuckle( a humectant)...

Could it be the difference in composition that makes the results I and the rest of the ladies that weighed in lean more to Shea Moisture? It definitely seems so and that is why I always place emphasis on reading ingredient labels.

Will I be purchasing the Carol's daughter hair milk again? I am afraid not except the formula is revised, I am beginning to feel Carol's Daughter products are one of those products that work only for natural hair, all the products I have tried by them have left me feeling bleh sadly...I might give the Monoi collection just one more shot and see.

As for Shea Moisture, I can boldly say that all their products except the Yucca & Boabab Thickening line are absolutely divine and will make your hair feel all kinds of good though they are not the most pocket friendly but their Curl enhancing smoothie which I purchased along side the milk is extra moisturizing;

 and will last you a good 6 months if you use it correctly (in moderation)...The Hub will have in stock in August so be sure to stock up if you are in search of a good moisturizer.

P.S Thanks to all the ladies who have sent in transitioning tales, for those interested remember the deadline is 31st July.
Have a blessed new month ahead, as usual the AUGUST IMPORT WINDOW OPENS FROM THE 1ST TO THE 7TH...Order anything hair and beauty...last month I even got an order for candles and we have delivered  :)


Thursday, 24 July 2014


Its been tooo long!! Oh how I have missed coming here!! Been super busy holidaying and taking a chill pill from all that's been going on in my work life...Since I came back after having my second son I have been on overdrive and it truly has been liberating releasing all the pent up creativity I have nursed for some time and I remain grateful to God and all of you who keep supporting me in all I do :) but enough about that...Here are 5 air drying tips that I have mastered to ensure that my hair is tamed of frizz and tangles after a weekend treat.

As you all should know, AIR DRYING is the preferred method for drying wet hair because its a gentle way to dry your hair as there is no use of heat but if done improperly especially when your new growth sets in, it can be HELL!!

Just imagine your hair going from;

To poofy, frizzy, dry and untamed in a few minutes!!

It can be frustrating and I get why ladies just reach for a blow dryer and comb and get things out of the way but that's not the best option and that's why I am here...follow these simple steps and people will be asking you if you used a straightener or even rollers on your hair...I know I get asked that all the time and I can't remember the last time I blow dried my hair...

TIP 1; Wash your hair in ONE direction...let me break it down in crude naija pidgin...''your hair no be underwear oh!!'' LOL!! There is absolutely no need to scrub and crunch, ruffle and bundle all your hair like this while you wash it;

Not only are you creating problems for yourself by creating tangles and knots which are compounded if you are using a sulphate shampoo because its super drying, you will also have yourself to blame for creating split ends and uneven ends because you are ruffling up the hair cuticles/shafts which can lead to breakage and snapping your hair should never be so dirty that it needs all of that scrubbing and roughing up...since I started washing/co-washing my hair like this;

In one direction, preferably under running water, gently opening up my hair to reach my scalp, massaging the product in and rinsing off all in one direction, I have noticed considerably less hair breakage during wash/co-wash days and less detangling time...

TIP 2; Always use COLD WATER as the last rinse...I know this step is not easy especially if you wash your hair as you shower...running that cold water through your hair and over your body will be super uncomfortable, so what I do is, when I am done in the shower, I get out and rinse off my hair with cold water in the sink, that way I am able to concentrate the chilly cold water only on my hair which needs it the using the cold water as your last rinse, you seal in the cuticles/shafts of your hair after they had been open with warm water and whatever treatment you put on it...sealing allows the hair cuticles/shafts to all lie in one direction and this in turn promotes shinier,sleeker, less frizzy hair. *The colder, the better!!

TIP 3; DON'T LEAVE YOUR HANGING...I am not talking about a date here LOL but you can actually leave your hair hanging! How you might ask...well when you come out of the shower and you have rinsed your hair out and you decide you are going to wrap it up in a towel or t shirt and then you go and watch three rounds of real housewives or some show that lasts for an hour per episode ...The best time to style your hair is when it's still damp, not dripping wet but still has enough moisture in it. It's at this time that you should do a round of detangling, moisturize, seal, treat your scalp before your hair gets completely dry, this will again help to ensure that the hair strands are not left dry, tangled and frizzy as the hair dries.

TIP 4; Have a STYLE planned...are you bunning your hair, twisting it, doing big braids, its always best to style your hair when it's like 80 to 90% dry instead of when its totally dry again this tip is especially useful when you have a lot of new growth or are natural. Your hair is easier to maneuver and put in place the way you want when its damp and as you air dry, you can actually decide to say bun it till its fully dry then take down the bun and depending on your technique and styling products you can be left with really bouncy waves or curls as though you did a roller set. You can twist or braid the hair and unravel when dry and you will also be left with waves. For straight hair, you can decide to wrap your hair and unravel when dry...just have a style in mind and try to execute most of it while you air dry and not after.

TIP 5 is my final tip, as you style your hair or if you are going to bed, try to ensure that you tie down the base of your hair especially if your new growth is a lot or you are natural, tie the hair to your scalp down with a silk scarf(to keep the shine and moisture). Find below effective ways to tie your hair down to help keep your roots from poofing up and keep your hair sleek and frizz free as you air dry...

Hope these tips help, you have no more excuses for using blow driers any more :)

I will be updating this blog more often now I promise, I have soooo much to share!!!

P.S Which of you is TRANSITIONING TO NATURAL? I'd like to tell your story in our upcoming edition of SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY MAGAZINE...Simply email me ( with a short summary of why you decided to transition, challenges along the way and how you overcome them, 500 Words MAX and I will send you a SAVVY/CHIC TRANSITIONING GOODY BAG to make things easier for you.

Dead line for the entry is the 31st Of JULY, Please attach clear pictures for a better chance to be chosen.