Wednesday, 29 July 2015


How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I've finally gotten all the goodies I have to give away to you my dear Non- Lagosian resident readers of this blog (you must be resident in Naija though).

Basically how it will work is that as I list the available products up for grabs, if you are interested, send me a mail ASAP choosing from the products up for grabs(only one offer per person) and I will collect delivery details from you- Terms and Conditions apply!! 

P.S All products will come with a Savvy & Chic Satin Sleep Cap for FREE!!

Without much ado these are the products up for grabs;

1. Silk Elements invigorating scalp conditioner.

Was N2500  Now FREE!!

2.  NOW Apricot oil-Was N2000  Now FREE!!

3. Kinky Braided Bun Was N2800  Now FREE!!

4. 2 BOTTLES(To 1 recipient) OF RANSOM PURE COCONUT OIL Was  N2000  Now FREE!!

Was N2000  Now FREE!!

7. 2 CROTCHET NEEDLES (to 1 Recipient)- Was N3000 Now FREE!!



That's all for now beautiful people!!! If you'd like any of the products listed as stated above, please send me an email, each of the 9 offers made are up for grabs *as a package, meaning you cannot mix or match so please choose accordingly- MAY THE FASTEST FINGERS WIN!!!



Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Hair Update!

How's everyone doing?!! Been a while!! Hope those on the 6 inches of growth challenge have not given up yet!! It's about 5 months to go, hang in there ladies!!

Well this post is just an update on my hair, products and styles I have tried lately...

Let's start, shall we!!

My hair has been doing its thing...

I've embraced a lot of 'protective' styling this year, protective being the operative word, with hair extensions, the hairstyles have had little to no impact on my hair line and I don't leave them in for more than a week plus!! I've also been rocking my wigs and loving the break they give my hair which I usually tuck away in big braids for a few days before I start missing my hair again...

Here are a few pictures of my hair lately;

In the above picture, I just took out my knotless braids and loved how it created this wavy twist out look with my hair, unfortunately my hair was dirty so I had to wash it out!

 This was the hairstyle I rocked to the 2015 LOC Appreciation Day...I divided my hair in about eight chunky sections, braided the tips and tucked them inside so the chunks looked like free formed locs (don't think I fooled real loc heads with my attempt though!! LOL). But can you see all the texture that I am presently dealing with?!! On one hand I love it, on the other hand it drives me cray cray!!

Freshly detangled, moisturized and sealed hair...also keeping an eye on my ends!!

 Last week I tried out Crotchet braids again but I wanted the marley hair twisted into big havanna twists and the tips this done at the hub- 30 Norman Williams St. Ikoyi Lagos.

Had these in for one week and 3 days and got bored!! Took them out, got a good clarify with a bentonite clay hair mask treatment I got done at the hub;

 Made my hair feel really nice and manageable considering it's about 10 plus weeks post relaxer!Will be relaxing it by week 12 that's my limit lately...

Oh and I have not repented from my product junkie ways oh!! It's always like I am looking for the next best thing until I get my fingers burnt!! Arghhh!! I was at Ebeanor just browsing through their cosmetics aisle when this product caught my eyes;

Looking at the bottle, it seemed to have everything going for it, first thing that caught my eye was the TRIPLE MOISTURE LOTION written to the side, I was like yessss, then it had no harsh chemicals also written and the usuals; no petroleum products, no sulfates, parabens etc, checked the ingredients, water was first, glycerin then a bunch of great oils-SOLD!!

Got home and this product that I thought would be light and liquidy and super moisturizing is just all types of wrong on my hair!!! It feels sooooo goooey!! And left some kind of annoying film/coat on my hair like a gel!! Left me so confused!

Anyways, that will teach me!! For now, I am just patiently waiting till relax day in about two weeks!!

So that's my update thus far, how's everyone else doing? Who has tried the above product? Did it work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts below!! 

P.S  As for that BLOGVERSARY GIVEAWAY I promised for non- Lagosians in the month of June, I am compiling a bunch of products and I promise to announce it sooon!! Please stay tuned and pray for me- the lack of ginger to blog these days is real!! I don't know why!! But when I do get the chance to sit down and open the blog, start a just flows!! Like I didn't think this post would be this long!! Just pray for me!! LOL

Have a great weekend people!


Friday, 3 July 2015

Tell me about your Shears!!

So I've been meaning to put this post up since my last trip to the US when I went to Sally's Beauty and took a long stare at their wall of hair shears....

There were hair shears ranging from a couple of dollars to as much as $200 plus dollars!! I had to ask one of the sales personnel there why this was the case, was it a matter of the more expensive the hair shear the better the cut? So if I got the most expensive shears on there, would I have no split ends for like a year?

Her response was insightful, she said shears were priced based on a few different factors, for one the blades of the shears could determine the price as some are made of steel, iron, have features like non- rust, some can be sharpened others not so much, some are serrated, others are not and this determines the sharpness of the shears, she also said some shears have a gap between them that makes cutting less precise and can lead to blunt cuts instead of sharp cuts (which are better), so she pointed out that the sharper shears were more silent when you cut and if you hear loud snappy noises as you snip through your hair, your hair shear may not be as sharp as should be which isn't the best.

She also said the handle of the hair shears also determined the price, some handles are plastic, some metal, some were more flexible and more gentle on the knuckles and fingers of hair stylists than others, so as a hair stylist who would be doing a lot of cuts and such, you might have to pay more money to get hair shears that you can comfortably use for long periods of time. 
What's the importance of knowing all this? Well a lot of us have caused more split ends on our ends than necessary because we failed to use the right hair shears (heck I've used manicure scissors to cut my hair before( this was a loooong time ago), having regular trims is an essential part of a healthy hair regimen, scraggly ends are not cute, you eventually loose your length in the process and to get regular trims you MUST use the right hair shears, so I ask again, please tell me about your shears....based on what I wrote above, do you think they measure up...feel free to comment below in the comments section.

P.S How's the 6 inches of Growth Challenge going? Any updates? We have passed the half way mark, whose hair is 3 inches longer, who has suffered a set back, comment below, let's catch up!! Remember the winner of the challenge gets $100 cash at the end of the year!!


Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hi Ladies,
How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I'm trying to get my blogging groove back, I have a bunch of posts lined up that I will be uploading soon so if you checked the blog and sighed that it's not been updated and said to yourself  'What's wrong with this Dabs sef?!!'. Please bear with me, things will get lively here once again, I promise!!

Now to my post, so I have been craving getting long big box braids for a while but had been reluctant because of all the discomfort that comes with getting day I'm going through Instagram and I see a hash tag- #knotlessbraids, I click and I am lead to braids that look like they are growing from the person's scalp. I was intrigued and so the next place I hurriedly went was? You guessed it, YOUTUBE!! I saw a tutorial, tried it out on my self, went to the hub and tasked my stylists to learn it in two days, they did (smart girls :) and we now offer it as a service at our salon!!

You see when you get regular braids done, the braider usually starts out the braid by wrapping the extensions round your own hair and creating a knot before braiding the section down, see the picture below and observe the knots ( where the arrows point to)

Now from my understanding those knots at the base of the braids not only cause breakage while the
braids are being done especially for those with fragile hairlines, but they also cause your new growth to be very dry as it grows out while you have the braids on, that's why after a few weeks of having regular braids on, when you take them out, the base usually has dirt and dandruff and is very dry leading to breakage....

With the knotless technique all of that mess is avoided,  the braids start out by being sectioned and the hair is braided just a little and strands of extensions are attached to the braid as the braider goes along- Think the Ghana weaving technique but this time with single braids...

See how the base of the hair looks when you are done;


The braids can be any size or length, Below Last year's 6 INCHES OF GROWTH Winner Folake got her's done at the hub;

Here's another pic of a client who got her's done at the hub;

As you can see the braids look like every day braids but the first thing I noticed as they were being installed was the fact that there was hardly any kind of pain or strain especially at my hairline  which was very refreshing, kept these in for just over a week and when I took them out my hair at the base looked great albeit they were not in for that long but still..will check on Folake who has kept here's for a month and see how her base is faring....

But here's a picture off the internet of how the base looks like after a month;

I don't know what your thinking but I'm thinking I have found my solution to getting braids!!

Any of you tried this technique out yet? It takes practice though!!



Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hi Everyone,
Its been AGESSSSSS!! I apologize for how dry this zone has been...someone emailed asking me if there was something wrong with the blog because there haven't been any new dear there's nothing wrong with the blog, Dab's has just been extremely exhausted and lazy to go through the hundreds of pictures that were taken at the Salon Day Out which is the scheduled post to be up!!

I finally sat my little behind down last night and sieved through all the pictures and I was truly overwhelmed with emotion!! This year's Salon Day Out was much more than I expected it to be!! The turn out was magnificent and the support was off the roof!! I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that supported the event whether as a vendor or as a guest...hope you had as much fun as I did!! Can't wait till the next one, looking forward to it already...but till then, enough talk, enjoy the pictures below!!!

Let's start with the Red Carpet...

With the ladies from the Kinky Kurly Lounge

The Hair Journey Series was first on the Agenda and I spoke first!!

Thanks Ladies!!

Next up was the Hair Pros Show case and Kemi Lewis of KL'S NATURALS lead the live show case with this elegant natural hair updo!!

Next up was Patrick from Patrick's Beauty Zone and his squad!! Loved their outfits!!They did a weave blow out!!

The Result; Beautiful!!

Next Up Savvy & Chic Salon- Instant Faux Locs!!

Thanks Berry!!

The stage was then set for the BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS!! 

Our Sponsors Design Essentials were ably represented by Mrs Tokunbo Chiedu and her team...

Judges took their positions, Ade of Locitude Blog, Atilola of African Naturalistas blog and Mr Chris Head Stylist/ Instructor for Design Essentials Nigeria.

Task 1- ROUTINE- Team On Fleek and Team Glammly Nappy reps both sat and did a daily hair routine on stage with the products they thought worked best...all in 5 minutes!


Task 2- RECREATE- Was the most exciting, the two teams had 15 minutes to recreate this style;

Task 3- REVIVE, Reps from the two teams had 5 minutes to take their hair from drab to fab!

Final Task- REINVENT, 20 Minutes live avant garde creation by the two teams!!

`The winners were.....Team On Fleek!! But first we had the QUICK FIRE QUIZ while the judges deliberated, eight lucky audience members won hair goodies from Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub when they answered some hair questions correctly!!





Happy Quiz winner!

Cross Section of Guests- The place was PACKED and I apologize to those that had to stand because there were no sits, an even bigger hall shall be used next time by His Grace!!

While all this was going on, there were over 15 vendors with their products on display and lots of shopping, mingling and networking!!
Our Shea Butter Cups in all their Glory!! Hope you are enjoying them ladies!!

Photo Source Berry Dakara Blog


Photo Source- Berry Dakara blog-Here

Source- Berry Dakara blog

Source- Berry Dakara Blog

I'd like to say a HUGE THANKS to Spice TV who covered the event...

And that's all folks!! Let me share a few lessons I have learnt from venturing on such a huge task...

1. Plan Early; I started mapping out the entire agenda for the Salon Day Out right at the start of the year, it was just a general plan that I built upon as the months went by and I wrote everything down so that  I had a reference anytime I got a new idea.

2. Don't limit yourself, have some faith; Something I do that is actually contrary to the first point is, I don't like to plan a monetary budget, my reason is that it makes me scared!! I like to generally have an idea of what I will spend and spend it as I go along...this makes me do what I have to do and have faith that God will provide rather than letting money get in the way!! 

3. Don't get distracted, spread the word very EARLY!!- It's easy to look around and see what others are doing and start going off course, I'm big on getting the word out there early, this year I started as early as April and I'm sure everyone was tired of me but you probably knew the Salon Day Out date by heart!! LOL!! Spreading the word early also keeps you accountable, like with the Battle of the Hairlistas, I had to focus on getting Hairlistas for there to even be a competition and so the earlier the better!!

4. Streamline- Its not enough to have a concept in your head like I did with the Battle of the Hairlistas, the concept has to be streamlined, one night I stayed up and thought through what the competition would be about, all I had was a name and sponsors but how were we going to merge these two...and that's when the tasks came to me- The 4 R's-Routine, Reinvent, Recreate, Revive!! BOOM!! LOL (The best ideas come at the dead of night, trust me!!)

Finally, I must say Pray and Trust God, I might be giving myself a pat on the back now but there were times I had panic attacks and wanted to shrivel and run, when the fuel scarcity was crippling the economy and my event was two weeks to go and some vendors started asking if I was changing the date, I was sooooo scared but I prayed and trusted God to take control and He did!! 

I still have a few things to learn though, like never underestimate your crowd, standing guests are NOT okay!! (You ladies forgive me right?!! :), I only can pray for bigger and better in the coming years!! Thank you all sooooo much again for the support and always remember that the sky is the limit and beyond!!

I will be doing a blogversary giveaway for NON LAGOSIAN RESIDENTS so stay tuned for that those of you that couldn't attend the event because you are not resident in Lagos.   

Have a great day!!