Friday, 22 July 2016

My Wig collection at Savvy and Chic PART 1

Hiya Ladies,
I promised a few posts ago to do a post about wigs I sell at the hub. These wigs were specially curated by me using price, style,quality/hair texture and closure/hair parting as a guide.

You see from my previous wig posts that I like to use wigs as protective styles only if they are not super expensive, the style is 'wear and go'( low maintenance), the the hair texture mimics relaxed Afro hair (not too silky) finally the closure if it's lace or other wise must be natural and easy to blend.

All the wigs below qualify with the above criteria and are up for sale, I will be posting their names,pictures,color available and price they presently retail for at the hub however I am offering a special discounted price to NHCG blog readers for a limited time...continue reading to find out....


This wig is a gorgeous wavy textured wig, comes in color 1b and has a hand knotted side lace parting.
Retail Price- N20,000
For NHCG Readers-N18,000


Ever wanted to just switch up your hair style and have bangs for a change?Well this wig is the go to wig for a temporary but gorgeous style fix. I love how smooth the hair feels!it comes in a rich black in color 1b,thick and not shinny but natural looking and is truly a quick wear and go!

Retail Price-N20,000
For NHCG Readers-N18,000


Oh Evelyn, how GORG are you!! Hee Hee!!This wig is similar in style to the Bohemian wig. It comes in bigger waves and is such a statement making wig. We picked a color 1b for this wig. It also have a side had tied lace parting which is very natural looking! Love it!

Retail Price-N24,000
For NHCG Readers-N 20,000

JULIANA WIG is my best in this collection!! This is because it reminds me the most of my Riley wig here!! This wig is for days when you want show stopping hair, I fell in love with this wig after watching it being reviewed by one my fave wig reviewers on youtube-

Its a two part either center or side lace parting, it's all round gorgeousness and if it hasn't been sold by August I will gladly add it to my wig collection. We have it in a color 1b

Retail Price-N24,000
For NHCG Readers- N20,000


If you have been craving some color then Darline is for you!!It tries to mimic type 3 hair/ mixed race curls. I really loved it when the model from the wig runway show at the Salon Day Out modelled it.

Its a hand tied lace side or center parting wig with curls in the form of ringlets which you can choose to finger comb out or fluff out.
Comes in the color above on the model.

Retail Price- N18,000
For NHCG Readers- N15,000

That's all for now ladies, all wigs are heat resistant, meaning you can use a curling iron or hair straightner on them up to 450F.

 I have a Part 2 coming next month as this OFFER IS VALID TILL JULY 31ST and will be on a first pay, first serve basis. Apart from getting the wigs, ladies who purchase them in Lagos have a FREE fitting and styling session at the Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub then there's also going to be a FREE Satin Sleep Cap with every purchase.

If you'd like to add one of these wigs to your collection, please send me an email with the wig name you want or call 08090613325 and we will take it from there.


WHICH WIG DO YOU LOVE THE MOST FROM THIS COLLECTION? Comment below it will make my weekend :)


Monday, 18 July 2016

July Texlaxed Hair Update

Hi ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends!!
I'm here with my texlaxed hair update as promised albeit I am kinda late posting it up.
So I texlaxed at 14 weeks post relaxer, I've decided that it's the max I will stretch moving forward because I'm trying my utmost best to maintain think ends and I find that when I over stretch,my ends suffer. I actually wanted to stop at 12 weeks post but because I was in search of the Straight from Eden relaxer and spent two weeks looking for it in all of Lagos, I had to drag out the stretch.

All in all I was happy with my results, I settled for Vitale olive oil relaxer and I think I have found my Nigerian staple relaxer when I don't have Silk Elements. My new growth was super thick and the relaxer just loosened it enough without making it bone straight, I did add a little oil in the relaxer and also did the half half method,  spending a maximum of 10/12 mins on each half before washing it off.


The Results;
Before Trim

I gave my hair a good trim to make up for all the unevenness from my post partum shedding.

That's that!! loving this Texlaxed life right now. 



Thursday, 14 July 2016

They Are All Going Natural!!

Hiya Ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends! So one of the most asked questions I get is 'Dab's when will you go natural?' The answer is.....I don't know! Lately it has crossed my mind much more than ever before because of these gorgeous ladies who all used to be relaxed or texlaxed hair bloggers and are now all natural hair bloggers! However, I have never been one to just follow a trend so if ever I do, it will be for very personal reasons!!

Let's start with Jen of Just Grow Already HERE.....Lovvvedddd  her texlaxed hair, reminds me of my texture so much! She went natural about a year a go after an epic transition for like a year, love her natural hair too!!

My girl Meagan of U Love Megz on Youtube HERE broke my heart when she announced she is going natural Lol(just kidding) but she must have been one of the first youtube hair gurus I watched and loved because of her cutesy nature and tiny voice...I also loved how she grew out her fine textured hair long but noticed that over the past few years she struggled with setbacks and recently announced that she is going natural, I look forward to seeing her natural locks!

Lesley of Fresh Lengths HERE also astonished many with her transformation from damaged hair to long lush relaxed hair, home girl started texlaxing and before we could say Jack, she decides to go Natural!! Love her hair all ways!

Ebony C Princess...HERE I used to watch her relaxed hair vlogs all the time years ago and her blog Longing for length is such an great resource. Was actually excited for her when I saw she was transitioning as I always thought her black rich colored hair would look lovely as an Afro....she has become fully natural now and rocks it well.

Traycee of Keep It Simple Sistah- HERE was also a fave Youtube hair guru of mine, I remember watching her do  overnight DC back in the day with eggs...her hair was also super long like waist length then she annonced she is transition ad became her big hair now!!

Jay of just browsing Instagram the other day and found that she too was transitioning!!!arghhhhh!!!LOL Her new growth was just so banging in the pic she posted I had to say something!!im looking forward to seeing her new look!!

*photo credits- google, instagram and blogs of all the above linked bloggers.

These are all the hair bloggers that I remember that have made the plunge recently.
As for me right now, being texlaxed works fine for me, I love that I feel like I have the best of both worlds but I'll never say never...



Sunday, 10 July 2016

What to do about hair pockets,incomplete splits!

Hi Ladies,
I am sure you read the topic and let out a sigh when you realized what it was about. Hair Pockets are the WORST!! First off disclaimer, I made up this term so don't try to google it...

So you know when you take a close look at a strand of hair and you see like a hole or circle within the strand where the strand has opened,formed a loop and gone back straight, what some people call an incomplete split end? Well that's what I'm referring to.

These hair pockets drive me nuts because when I see them I have no choice but to cut above the hole as split ends cannot mend them selves, they are especially annoying when they pop up on a perfectly healthy strand of hair! So the focus next should be how to avoid them.

Now there are a few factors that can cause these hair pockets,the usual culprits like rough handling your hair with ponytail holders or elastics like I see my Naija babes use, trimming your ends with blunt scissors and this other culprit I was surprised by-using heat tools like a straightner on wet hair...apparently the bubbles created by the heat and water contact cause the shaft to either split or end up with holes.

Other ways to avoid causing these hair pockets are avoiding excessive shampooing especially sulphate shampoos who strip the hair of its natural oils, brushing wet hair-naturals take note of this point, resort to finger detangling your hair while wet instead of raking through with a brush which can be used when your hair is half way dry.

To find out if you have hair pockets, search for them from the mid shaft of your hair strands under bright light,I use my laptop light or natural light by a window but make sure it's bright enough if not you will miss them.

I hope this post helps someone out there who has encountered a few of these and is on a quest for retaining length.

Have a blessed week ladies.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hair Update-I've been Protective Stylin'

Hi Ladies,
How's it going!! Following my how not to have a set back post, I'd like to share with you all how I've been protective styling which is an essential to growth retention especially if you have a hand in hair syndrome like I do.

For those who follow me on Instagram, you must have already seen some of these looks but let me use this medium to share them here again.

I always go for styles with the lowest possible manipulation, I section and detangle myself while the style is being made and I make sure I have deep conditioned before I do the hair style which lasts a maximum of two weeks, I know I can afford to change up my styles that often as I own a salon so I am not prescribing you do the same but all I ask is that what ever protective style you choose to do, it should truly be 'protective' and the health of your own hair must be paramount.

Look 1- Shuku(Braided updo) Ponytail. I saw this look on Instagram from a salon called Radiance in the UK and instantly fell in love with it! It's just a regular ponytail (Shuku) hair style with the ends left unbraided making it look more mature, and different. Rocked this look for almost two week and then took the braids out.

Look 2- Center part  big braids- This style I loved because I. Just got a fresh texlax and my edges were LAID!! It's just about eight big braids, the two in front started out as cornrows on either side so the center part showed.

Look 3- Faux Fringe and a Bun- This was a look I had been craving then I stumbled on a tutorial on Instagram showing a super cool way to make clip in bangs without the commitment of cutting your hair and I was sold! I used about 3 tracks of some Indian human hair I've had for a while sewed clips on them and attached them,used the ponytail to cover the tracks. This I used as a short term protective style for the weekend but I'm sure I could have carried it for longer if I wanted.

Look 4- Goddess Locs- saw this style at the beginning of the year and fell in love but was so scared to try it and get my hair in a jumbled mess that can lead to breakage so I really tried to ignore the style but after seeing it look so gorgeous on Meagan Goode,Tyra Banks and a whole lotta Instagram divas I had to try it...rocked this style for almost 3 weeks uninstalling it was a breeze thankfully and I loved it so much...the trick is making the locs super soft so even sleeping was not an issue unlike the last time I had locs made.

Look 5-The Pompadour for Salon Day Out 2016. I asked you guys to help me choose a style and I can't exactly say most of you chose this look as a chunk of you wanted the bun in front look, but I found this look to be the easiest to whip up on the morning of the event which was a super busy and hectic morning. I like the hairstyle so much I rocked it for the whole week and got quite a lot of compliments with people thinking I was natural.

Look 6- Crotchet Bob-
Was craving a straight bob and decided to chose the inexpensive  and convenient route of crotchet braids with expressions hair. I loved this style so much though the hair shed quite a bit.

Look 7- Rice and Beans (lol)- So I saw this hairstyle on Instagram and I just loved the simplicity and decided to do it. I used my own hair and only added extensions at the very tips to lengthen the ends. Loved this style but could only keep it for week, my scalp was so itchy.

Look 9- My Wigsssss- When all else fails in the styling dept, wear a wig!! I've worn my heavenly wig a couple of times,my Riley wig gets show time too. And recently a long slick black wig which I call my Ciara wig....I love wigs I just get uncomfortable and hot a lot so I can't wear them for long stretches of time like I see most ladies do.

I cut Ciara short.

Speaking of wigs, I have great looking wigs at affordable prices at Savvy & Chic I will be doing a post on them this week so those interested can holla!!

Have a great week ladies!!


Monday, 27 June 2016

How not to suffer another Hair Set Back!!

Hiya Ladies,
We are half way through the year, can you believe it?!!  How's everyone doing with their hair journeys, for those who are having a hard time, hang in there! Remember healthy and long hair is a product of a consistent and practical hair regimen!!

Here are a few tips to make sure there are NO SET BACKS in your future!!

NIP HAIR DISASTERS AT THE BUD- If you have for whatever reason had a weave in your hair for more than three weeks and you decide to take it out, know that you will need to give your hair a little extra TLC when you do take the weave out- an intense deep conditioning session, extra moisturizing and sealing,some trimming must all be done to restore strength and elasticity to the hair that was abandoned in a weave or if you are natural and colored your hair a rich blonde color, don't expect that the ends of your hair will remain the way they were when they were not colored, they will dry out- so you must have a moisture game plan to combat all that dryness if not YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!  

UNCLOG YOUR SCALP- One of the fastest ways to slow down your hair growth is clogging your scalp pores!! The hair cuticle relies on blood circulation and absorption of healthy nutritious oils and air for it to flourish...if you are using products that have petrolatum that just sit on your scalp blocking entry or an outlet, YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

DON'T ROUGH UP YOUR HAIR SHAFT- I read somewhere and have used this example since then, our hair shafts are like roof shingles, each strand of hair is made of overlapping keratin, when you mishandle your hair either by rough combing, using elastic to tightly hold your hair, knotting your ends indiscriminately, YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

DON'T FORGET TO TRIM ON SCHEDULE- So I was a victim of this, in 2014 I decided enough was enough, no more regular trims, I'm just going to allow my hair grow and my ends will do their thing and do their thing they did by breaking off right in the middle and leaving my hair in a disaster!!

I learnt the hard way and pretty much had to start now I trim on schedule wait for it.........every month!!lol Basically at the start of the month I take a good look at my ends and snip what needs snipping( I will call it more like dusting though) but this I see has really helped my ends look better. So you can schedule a trim for every two months, three months etc depending on how often your ends need a trim but stick to it( this point is especially for naturals as I have found they hardly trim their ends) or else YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

PROTECTIVE STYLES SHOULD BE TRULY PROTECTIVE- What's the point of having a hair style done that takes you back on your hair journey!!If you are doing anything to your hair from a simple bun to adding extensions or a weave, your 1st PRIORITY should always be your own hair and nothing else...if you need to sacrifice some of the style for the safety of your own hair please do....don't go letting a stylist convince you to relax just your hairline so that it blends better with a weave or telling you that she must pick ever strand of your hairline so the Ghana weaving looks good!! Give her a big stare down and let her know that YOU WILL NOT SUFFER A SET BACK!!

HEAT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND- PERIOD!!! If you need to use heat which should be hardly ever, you must use a heat protectant...we respect clients that come to Savvy and Chic and choose to air dry instead of blow dry, I have also taught my stylists how to blow dry with minimal heat, in sections and in optimal time. If visiting a salon, you can choose to allow the hair stylists blow dry your hair after you have air dry to like 80% so the exposure to heat is greatly reduced! Romance with heat and heat tools and YOU WILL SUFFER A SET BACK!!

Lol, those are a few of the most common issues I have found that cause set major 5 inches cut off type set backs that make you wonder if you were sleeping through the time the damage to your hair was happening...I have suffered huge set backs and they can be very painful so now I do all it takes to avoid them even if it means remaining on the same length for a little longer than I'd like...Let's ensure this year is a SET BACK FREE year shall we!!

Have a great week ladies, feel free to comment below if you have been dealing with any set backs so I can help!!

Abuja HAIR LISTAS- I'm coming to your city in August and I hope you can make it to my HAIR REHAB Session at Jungo 3.0!!! I will unveil venue and plans as the time draws closer, so excited to meet you all!!!!


Friday, 24 June 2016

Mitaire's 6 Months old hair update