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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


It's our first BE INSPIRED post for 2014!! I am glad to introduce an avid NHCG reader who comes from Zambia!! She too is on a hair journey and has successfully reached some of her goals while documenting them on her blog ZED HAIR REQUEST- HERE 

Find out more about her hair journey below;

Hi my name is Fatima, I am a 23 yrs old female and a full time student. I am the founder of the blog Zed Hair Request where I share my hair journey, share tips and basically promote healthy hair of ALL types. I have texlaxed hair.

When and why did you  start your hair journey?
I experimented a lot with hair dye and that led to severe chemical damage which was topped off with heat damage and general lack of care. Lost so much beautiful hair within a short period of time.  I made a u-turn and promised to take care of my hair from then. I officially started my hhj in 2011.


What's your hair regimen
Prepoo before every wash and shampoo once every week. 
I deep condition after every wash alternating between moisture and protein. 
 I clarify every 6 weeks or as needed and texlax every 8-12 weeks.
 I moisturize and seal on a daily basis. 

I am obsessed with prepooing and I think it has been one of the things that has contributed to the progress of my hair journey. I use various products and like to try out new things but i have been stuck to some which I do not see myself replacing. My detailed regimen can be found here: HERE

Do you have any favorite products?
Has to be ORS Hairepair Nourishing Conditioner,

 Fantasia IC carrot serum,

  coconut oil, 

jamaican black castor oil, 

ORS Hairepair avocado creme 

Shea moisture raw shea butter shampoo.

Any favorite hairstyles?
My hair lives on buns, ponytails and updos. They are easy to do and I can put them together by finger detangling and using a very soft brush for my nape and edges.

 If you are stuck on an island, what 3 things would you make sure
you had with you?

ORS Hairepair conditioner, hollywood beauty olive or carrot creme and fantasia ic serum. They have been staples in my regimen for a long time now.

What has been your craziest hair experience?
Has to be a setback I had during my hair journey. I had kinky twists done which I kept in for just over 6 week. I took them down and detangled well with mane n tail detangler. When time to wash came, it loced like never before. Lost soooooo much hair I was close to going to the barbers. The setback was so evident and left my hair uneven with differences of 6inches or so.

What's been your inspiration?
Was inspired  by many women on hair journeys; the first being Sunshine of hairlista followed by Megan(uluvmegz). As I continued in my journey African bloggers such as Dabs Of Naija Hair Can Grow and Tandi of African hair blog inspired me.

Any hair goals?
My main aim is to have thick and healthy hair. Length should follow after that. My short term goal is to be bsl by the end of the year. My long term goal is to have healthy mbl hair.

Where I can be found on the web;
Instagram: zedhairequest
Twitter: zedhairequest
Facebook: Zed Hair Request

Thanks again Fatima for reaching out, I am loving how full of body her hair is compared to where she started from. Overall thickness is one of the first things to look out for as a sign that you have started retaining length and your hair is healthier, the actual noticeable length follows and is just the icing on the cake!! Fatima is well on her way to her goal of healthy MBL (Mid Back Length ) hair, hope this post has inspired someone to start to care for their see even Zambian hair is giving the naysayers a run for their money!! Naija hair can grow oh, African hair can grow!!!

Its Easter this weekend, I'm off on a short holiday/wedding...hope you all enjoy the holiday and celebrate the reason for the season, our Lord Jesus for the sacrifice He made for us all!!

Take Care!


Sunday, 13 April 2014

ASK DABS- Your Questions Answered!

Those who have been with me on this journey from the start in 2011 know how hands on I like to be but lately with all that's on my plate, replying emails in detail or responding to comments has become irregular because I am sooo busy, running a business location is no joke- gotta manage staff, sort the light out, keep customers happy- sometimes I'm tempted to ask myself when I'm at the hub at 8pm- ''Girl what were you thinking?!!!' But I am still so grateful to you all for the continued support, I just simply love HAIR!! 
Please gear up for the salon day out on Sunday, 8th JUNE.It'll mark this blog's 4th year anniversary!!! Planning a fun day out trust me, I love to give ladies a good time, as I mentioned, I am joining forces with a few other hair/beauty brands to give you a great day out of PRACTICAL HAIR/BEAUTY KNOWLEDGE! Please save the date in your calender!!
Now back to the post, below are a few questions I have been asked lately that I feel will help other ladies with similar concerns;
Oyindamola asked; Have you tried using Amla oil for your hair? I'd like to know what you think about it.
I have tried using a brand of Amla oil but I stopped using it because I found that it coated my hair and made it have the feeling of being weighed down rather than being absorbed like other oils such as olive oil or grapeseed oil and I blame the mineral oil that is mixed in the Amla oil. I've noticed that most Indian products like adding mineral oil to their products which has no nutritional value to the hair , wish they wouldn't. I'm sure 100% Amla oil will be better.

Anonymous Asked; Please what do you put in your Shea butter mix?

With Shea butter I always find that whipping it with an electric mixer till its fluffy is the best way for me to apply it effectively and smoothly. I always whip it with 1. glycerin 2. An oil( usually extra virgin olive oil). Then depends on what I am trying to achieve I will add any extras like I did with our signature Choco Shea butter at the hub-

Tasha asked; as part of a regimen what can I use for my scalp- 
Scalp health is super important;here's a post on it- HERE. As part of a regimen, I recommend direct oiling if the scalp with light oils like grapeseed and sweet almond oil daily, especially dandruff prone scalps so they don't get dry and flake out. The root only applicator bottle is the way to go to oil the scalp in minutes; 

 I also recommend more problem targeting oils like tea tree oil for severe dandruff, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil to soothe the scalp and of course Jamaican black castor oil to restore thinning hair.

Nojor asked;

Good day please I am experiencing shedding & breakage, tea
rinsing is not  working for me I don't know what to try again, please help
me out thanks.

Tea rinses are definitely the way to go when you start experiencing excessive shedding, I also recommend garlic infused oil(if you can stand the smell) as a pre poo or HAIR TRIGGER  which has garlic and onions in it. However for breakage, what I recommend in general is that you take a close look at your ends, if you don't keep them trimmed and sharp, they will tangle easily and cause breakage, sometimes just a little trim is all you need to stop unnecessary breakage also make sure your hair isn't dry, dry hair is like dry leaves, just touch it and it breaks off!

Wendyzelle asked;

For the glycerin and water mix do I use glycerin for fondant icing or glycerin for the body that they mix with cream?

The glycerin recommended is 100% vegetable glycerin. I've heard of glycerin mixed with Rosewater too and I think that's worth the try as long as those are the only ingredients and there's no perfume added.

Anonymous asked; Which is better? Biotin or Hairfinity?

This is a hot debate, Biotin (derived from vitamin B, proven to grow hair)  is in Hairfinity and other such hair supplements which also contain other vitamins like folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A etc so I would take supplements over just biotin. I've heard people taking crazy amounts of biotin like 10,000mcg, 20,000mcg a day in hopes to get great growth and I did my research and found that your body will ONLY take what it needs and expel the rest!! So if it needs 5000mcg that's what it will take, the rest well it ends up in the toilet! So please be mindful of getting carried away and gulping pill after pill, also please be mindful to drink LOADS of water when you take supplements in general for easy bowel movement and clear skin. Lastly like those American commercials, always ask your doctor about supplements and get cleared.

Anonymous asked; I'm having a really tough time with my hair, its been breaking a lot, my front hairline is almost nonexistent and I have really bad dandruff. i'm considering shaving the entire thing off and just going natural. 

Going natural is NOT the answer to getting your hairline back unfortunately. In fact it gets worse if you go natural and don't do anything about it, start putting kinky braids on or trying to pack your hair in a puff. I recommend, Jamaican black castor oil for your edges and a satin cap. Use it every night(you can mix it with a lighter oil as it's super thick and is too potent for some) then cover your head up with a satin cap. For the dandruff, please see Tasha's answer above.

That's all for now ladies, this weekend I gave my hair one of those concocted hair treats-put it up on my Instagram page- @naijahaircangrow. I mixed an Avocado, hair trigger, mayonnaise and a few drops of olive oil. Plastered it on my hair from root to tip and went under the Heutiful Steamer. 

I am going on my midyear stretch like last year, presently 8 weeks post relaxer and this home girl is going for another 8 weeks- the only issue I'm having is, this time I'm NOT PREGNANT and the shedding is making me doubt my ability to stay that long, I have those pesky matted dread like knots that usually start when my new growth is like 1 inch long, thanks to my mane and tail detangler and a little patience I'm able to melt those knots away! See the pic below, where my finger is that's where the new growth ends. 

I'll give it a shot because the growth retention from my last 16 weeks stretch was just so rewarding!! Who else is stretching? The 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE is almost at the half way mark!! How's it going ladies? I'm trying to aim to relax my hair only thrice a year, last year I did it four times, in the past I did it.....12 whole times ladies!! Every single month- I have come a mighty long way with my hair and the quality of my hair strands show it all!! If you are just starting this journey trust me, it gets better, much better!



Friday, 4 April 2014


How's everyone doing?!! Hope well!!

Have I ever told you ladies how much you have helped me in my hair journey?!! When I get emails thanking me that go like this; 'Hi Dabs, I'm just mailing to thank you so much for your blog, I love all the tips you share....also I was wondering if you have tried THIS PRODUCT...'. Then you drop the name and I am like hmmmm I've never heard of it...Well this post is all about those products you told me about! Some were a hit and others not so much but just for fun I want to list them and weigh in on them and give you the credit!!! Thank you NHCG readers (that mail in, drop comments) for making me come this far in my hair journey...without much ado, YOU MADE ME BUY;


Kelly made me buy this!! I can't forget how I scoffed the day I heard about this product, I even went ahead and ordered it for Kelly thinking to myself why on earth will anyone spend so much on a concoction they can make themselves!!! Is it not to hold your nose and blend garlic and onions?!! Well out of sheer fluke, I ordered another bottle for Kelly who I thought changed her mind and so I was left with a bottle...gave it a try and HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE!!! First off, this product lasts for agessss...I use it every weekend and have only gone through 2 bottles since last year!! A little goes a long way and I can definitely thank it for my controlled's packed with nutrients!! I have raved so much about it, I'm sure you ladies are my review HERE

The Root Only Applicator Bottle;

Again I think it was either Kelly or her sister Yolanda that brought this super cool tool to my attention, the person even sent a link to my email and once I read all about it, it made so much sense I immediately ordered a few. This applicator bottle has allowed me apply oils to my scalp with ease!!

I can't remember when but around last year, I got at least 3 emails from ladies that wanted products from a brand called SILK DREAMS...

I went ahead and ordered for them and of course I ordered for myself, I got two moisturizers, a Mocha one and their vanilla moisturizer, I also tried their deep conditioner and I loved them all BUT the price and quantity makes this brand's products unsustainable as staple products for my hair that drinks products like there's no tomorrow; the website processing time for these products are longer than most (I'm guessing products are made from scratch for every order) So that has also made using this brand in Naija terms LOOOOOONGGGGG!!

The same time I was getting orders for Silk Dream products, I also got introduced to; DARCY'S BOTANICALS;

I got their famous lemon grass transitioning creme; thought it was A.OK...Read my review HERE
I think my major issue with it was, I thought it would be lighter than it turned out to be. Then I tried their organic coconut butter ( above) and LOVED IT!! Still have it after almost 6 months; read my review HERE. After the success with their Coconut butter, I decided to give their Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip a try... I just loooveee it! 

First the smell, gosh its like chocolate, then it is super light and whipped to perfection!! When I'm on their WEBSITE, I just find it hard concentrating!! Every product looks so delish and inviting! The price is the same as SILK DREAMS but for some reason their products last way longer and they don't delay their processing.

You guys also made me buy SPRUSHES!! 

I think, I owe this one to Folake, she sent me a link to check out this cool new applicator that looked like a spatula and a relaxer comb, I tried it and have never looked back!!

HAIRFINITY HAIR SUPPLEMENTS; Detutu made me get this...Read my review HERE

Although I have personally not taken them as I hate pills but just for the fact that all those vitamins are in them makes me know they are an asset for those who take them BUT I must say this; I have stopped bringing them in because I was warned that another Nigerian hair blogger that brought them in was asked to stop selling them on legal grounds. I reached out to them (Hairfinity) and they told me they aren't ready for Africa yet...say what?!! Asked me to join their affiliate program that will allow ladies link to their website and buy but ONLY IF YOU HAVE A US CREDIT CARD or US shipping address...Now how will that help my Naija sisters their yanga has made me sack them and after critical examination, I have decided to consider other hair supplements that have close to/almost the same vitamins as contained in Hairfinity....after all the only difference between RAGOLIS WATER AND AQUAFINA WATER is the packaging!!!


As usual, she ordered for it and out of curiosity I got one for myself...what was I thinking, the reviews I saw were mainly naturals and I can boldly say this product is one product that is just for natural hair!!! When I opened it, I was like what the heck is this PASTE!!! Its used for straightening natural hair and I guess you need something that thick to keep natural hair straight and combat shrinkage...I have not touched it since then and will take it to the hub for whenever we want to straighten natural hair because believe it or not, it's quite popular! I've had quite a few more orders of this stuff since I got it, even just last month...

Recently not 1 not 2 not 3 readers have asked for a brand called HAIRVEDA DRY HAIR SOLUTIONS; from their SITRINILLAH DEEP CONDITIONER (found out this is a favorite of Jen from the blog; JUST GROW ALREADY!),  to their WHIPPED CREME DAILY MOISTURIZER, I've been buying HAIRVEDA for the past few months so of course, last month I had to try it!! I got their whipped creme daily hair moisturizer, moisturizing hydrating whipped butter and their Jardin herbal green tea whipped oil butter with grape seed oil!!! 

You guys, I LOVE THIS BRAND!! For quantity and quality!! These hair cremes are truly moisturizing, they are living up to a name they have called themselves; a dry hair solutions company and the products deserve an entire review of their own so stay tuned!!


Here's my mini review HERE. I loved Mixed Chicks, I don't know about it being a staple as I only got like 4 to 5 uses out of it and with that I even had to mix it with other conditioners but for quality its an A!!

Finally I owe Amina the credit for purchasing the HEUTIFUL STEAMER!!!

This steamer gets the job done!! Its super easy to use, portable and after the 30 minutes timer goes off, you are left with super soft hair...the best bit, I am not the only one enjoying it, I get to share it with ladies who come to the hub to deep condition!!!

There are few other products that are peaking my interest like a brand called Purabody Naturals that quite a few of you have ordered, combs from Hot Combs (My girl Anuli bought like 7 of these combs!!! ) and one last one that's on its way recommended to me by A'smau by a brand called Affirm...she says, its the best protein treatment she has ever used, can't wait to use it!!

So as you can see from above, what on earth would I have done without you guys!!!!! With my beyond busy schedule, I hardly read blogs as much as I used to but thanks to you, I stay in the know and for this I say THANK YOU!! You think I have helped you? You have helped me more!!!

On that note, I think a SALON DAY OUT is in order!!! What do you say?!!! This blog turns 4 in June (WOW!!!) and I have decided to have a salon day out in the first week, not sure on dates yet, will conclude and keep you all informed but know this, the format will be tweaked a little, it will hold in a neutral venue not at the hub, there will be freebies and there will be other participants!!! I am super excited about it, clear your calenders for the month of JUNE!!!

As usual, thanks for checking in and for all the support!!



Sunday, 30 March 2014


So one of the signature whipped Shea Butter mixes we offer at Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub is the Whipped Choco Shea butter and We've been asked why we offer it and how to make it a couple of times so this post is all about that.

Cocoa's numerous health benefits is a nourishing treat for skin and hair—adding shine, vibrancy, and improving the general health of both.
Cocoa has flavanoids, rich in magnesium,  protein, riboflavin, vitamin A and thiamine; minerals that helps to combat hair loss. Also contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants than many other sources on Earth, which is also really great for your skin. Also, if used consistently over time, the cocoa powder can darken the hair strands- source
There are different forms of Cocoa, we chose to use cocoa powder in its purest form.

Most times Cocoa is used as a hair mask mixed with conditioner, yoghurt or water but we decided to whip it with shea butter so it serves the purpose of sealing in moisture and acting as a antioxidant and infusing all those nutrients in your hair strands plus the added benefit of smelling divine!!!Don't attempt to taste it though because pure cocoa tastes bitter!

So lets get to the HOW;

Whip 100% Shea butter in an electric mixer;

 Add your oils; Here I added Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Added Glycerin;

Finally I added 100% Cocoa powder which I got from the baking aisle at the grocery store ( Make sure the ingredient label says JUST COCOA POWDER, no added sugar or preservatives);


Rich Chocolatey Shea Butter goodness!! Love it!!

So that's that, feel free to try out my recipe if you want. In other news, the APRIL IMPORT WINDOW OPENS TOMORROW  TILL THE 7TH as usual, so ladies that want hair/beauty products, please feel free to email with your orders and we will gladly deal with them!!

Thanks for your support!!


Monday, 24 March 2014


How's everyone doing! If you are staring at the title of this post and are like WHAT? Did she mean transitioning to natural hair?! As that's the popular practice now, I understand but believe it or not, more and more Naija naturals have reached out to me in recent time asking me to help them as they decide to stop being natural to having healthy relaxed hair.

Most ladies that have approached me have been on both sides of the coin, they were relaxed became natural for a few years have gotten tired or too busy or whatever the reason and now want to be relaxed again and that's completely fine by me but where they go wrong is failing to realize that they have to prepare their hair for that change. Erroneously, people think you only need to transition to natural hair and don't need to transition to being relaxed, you just decide one day, buy a relaxer and put it on your hair and that's it! The issue with that approach is that you completely alter the texture of your hair in a few minutes, forever and your hair is left SHOCKED asking what just happened! 

Right now I am on a top secret mission to transform one NHCG reader's hair...She came in to relax her natural hair and I have put her on a regimen to ensure that this time she gets it right!

Think about it, the whole premise of 'TRANSITIONING' to natural hair is really about managing two hair textures and in so doing, you get to know more about your hair, what products it likes and doesn't...same thing I'd recommend with going relaxed!
So here are a few tips for those of you who want to become relaxed (again :)

Before you transition, you'd have to be on a regimen and know what products your hair likes and doesn't. You know I'm of the school of thought that relaxed and naturals can mostly use the same products, my hair is living proof! So know what YOUR hair likes first and stock up on it.

Give your hair at least a month of intense deep conditioning every weekend and make sure you have trimmed ends( take out all split and uneven ends).

On relax day, don't go and grab a super strength relaxer because your hair is 'stubborn' oh! This time, we are changing things up, you should get a regular relaxer; no lye or lye-your choice. It's better to have under processed hair than over processed hair.

The relaxer should be applied STRICTLY according to the instructions written down for virgin hair relaxing. This is the only time you can relax to the tips and comb  just ONCE preferably with a medium teeth comb not a small tooth comb. Apply to your edges mid way if you have a full hairline or later if you have thin edges, smooth with the back of your comb only. Wash out thoroughly once the time is up!

Follow the the relaxer treatment with a protein based deep condition after washing and conditioning the relaxer to infuse strength into your  strands.

Once you are done, dry your hair in a roller set or straightner (without smoke and flames! Lol)-this step is so your ends are straight and can be further trimmed if necessary.

And with that, the journey continues!! Nothing much should change, go on with your regimen, trim when you need, touch up advisably after 12 weeks.

As for styling, that's where the main adjustment is, your twist out won't look quite the same, your braid outs or updo's too so know that before you take the plunge...

Please, please and please, don't relax your hair and think, well I'm not going to bother with all the things I used to do as a natural and expect your hair to flourish...nope, sadly it won't and you will be back to square one and will blame the relaxer and go natural again, get tired and go relaxed again only to get it damaged and the cycle continues...whew! My head is aching from just typing that!! Please don't do it to yourself!

Hair care is a life long dedication that if we were taught when we were little girls, will be absolutely no big deal now, but since we weren't we think it's more work than it really is, I'm begging you to change that thinking and put in some effort, no matter how little and you will see the difference.
With that, I have come to the end of my post, hope it helps those who have reached out to me about becoming relaxed.

PS. Our magazine is fully loaded in Calabar, off to Jos, Osun, Ebonyi and Benin, Fully loaded in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and of course Lagos!! If you reside in other States and are interested, what are you waiting for, becoming an agent is super easy!! Email me to find out how!!
Also if you have spotted our magazine at your salon, take a picture with it, send it via email to me with the subject SPOTTED! And instantly win a gift from the hub *this offer is for a limited time*

Thanks again for the support, everyday I am putting more faces to the names of you my dear readers and I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me, so please keep stopping by the SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB for some hair gist, hair products and hair services!!!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Reasons why KERATIN should be part of your hair regimen!!

How's everyone doing?! March is well on its way to being over!! Before we know what it will be December and time to give away $100 plus goody bags to a luckily winner from the 32 ladies taking part in the 6 inches of growth challenge!HERE. If you are on this challenge I hope you are as pumped as I am!!

I've been a bit naughty with my hair thanks to events and shoots that I have taken part in this year; I have used way more heat than I'd like and even with serums and oils as protection, I can feel my hair giving me the side eye...telling me 'girl you better STOP!'. So here's me pledging to stay well away from straighteners for the rest of the year, I'll stick to no heat curls if I have to do something fancy or an updo...

Okay, that's me reviewing my hair actions, now please take your time to review your hair actions if you are on this challenge or if you want longer hair. What might you be doing that will ruin the chances of reaching your goal? Have you abandoned deep conditioning? Do you comb your hair with that evil blue tail comb, have you been with a weave all year long, are you crashing on your pillow case without any silk/satin scarf/pillow case protection? This is the time to review and readjust before half the year goes by!

Now to my post, in my humble opinion every hair regimen needs keratin. Keratin can be defined as  fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair strands.
It's a form of intermediate filament protein that has the ability to coat the outside of the hair shaft like a shield which protects as well as penetrate the hair fibers and starts working to heal hair strands from the inside out.

Please note that Oxidized Keratin contained in hair products is superior to hydrolyzed protein/keratin because protein in its hydrolyzed form has been 'watered' down and is not as effective but not to worry it will still strengthen your hair.

My advice is to use a keratin based product at least twice a month (if it is a masque) or once a week if it is a serum or spritz...what you will notice as you use Keratin products is;
1. Less Frizz
2. Strength; your hair can be pulled without snapping and breaking off. How else do you think my hair has survived this;
Anaz looovvves to pull my hair; drives me crazy sometimes :)

3. Keratin deals with any porosity issues; high or low...the keratin bonds that fill your missing hair shaft gaps will act like a sponge and absorb/preserve the moisturizers and sealants you apply on your hair.
However the fact that a product has 'Keratin" in it's name is not enough proof that its a keratin based product, you need to check the ingredients listed and make sure it is listen verbatim.
Also when I refer to keratin products I am NOT referring to BRAZILIAN KERATIN STRAIGHTENING TREATMENTS which are extremely harmful to the hair and should be left to Brazilians to do to their 
Finally, here are a few Keratin based products that I personally use and love;
Tresemme has my heart!!! I tried this line and loved it!! I can categorically say the Keratin smooth serum is on par with CHI silk infusion and will tame hair frizz so well; great for air drying.

This Dominican product has been all the rave for years!! bought it finally after some reluctance because it had cones though it categorically lists Keratin as an ingredient; used it today and let me just tell you, my hair feels GREAT!! See even my son couldn't resist it; its that soft but strengthened feel that I always appreciate!

Finally this spritz by CHI called Keratin Mist is superb!! I used to ignore it till I saw Jen of Just Grow Already use it then I decided to give it a's great and best used after detangling, focus should be on your ends while you style then watch it work its magic by the time you are done with one bottle!!

So that's all for this post; The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub has the Tresemme Keratin smooth and Silicon mix in stock HERE. The CHI and other Keratin based products you might want can always be brought in during next month's import window...basically, whatever you do, infuse Keratin of whatever form into your hair regimen for best strengthening results.

Feel Free to share any of your Keratin product finds below, the product junkie inside of me is itching to know...

Thanks for stopping by!!


Wednesday, 12 March 2014


How's everyone doing? Hope all is well. These days I am pleasantly busier than ever and I'd like to once again thank you all for your constant support!

Now to my topic, I am sure some of you are like 'Dab's has come again, what does hair have to do with the Olympics?' Well think about it, because Michael Phelps has gold medals in swimming or Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth is not because they are simply naturally gifted to swim and run respectively but these guys identified their gift and had to dedicate themselves to this gift, develop and harness it now they own the gift and are celebrated for it...'Where is this going Dabs?'

Ok let me break it down, I saw somewhere where someone wrote; 'That naijahaircangrow chic should stop deceiving people, she was born with good hair genes!'

The writer has a minuscule point, yes I have 'good' hair genes  but when my hair was at this point;

 And this point;

Who would have thought I was I able to turn this phase of my hair around to this;

And then this;

No it was not magic, let's say genes played their part in that they affected the turn around time for me... I just entered my 4th year in my hair journey and have about 18 inches in my front hair to show for it, another lady who started with me might be at 12 inches but will I blame that only on genes? If  before she started and while she was on her journey she used heat to straighten her hair everyday for the past 4 years, neglected her hair in a weave, took it out after two months then re-install another weave immediately, and after 4 years she is left with 4 inches of retained growth, will that be genes at play too?

I disagree completely...I feel the need to reiterate this message over and over again. Usain Bolt, even him with his natural prowess and all his accolades and medals, still needs to practice and give it 100 when he is on the track with other athletes. The year Serena Williams slacks, she falls off the number 1 ranking of wor ld female tennis players!

In essence what I am saying is this, for those who want this- for you who has said, this year I want healthy hair and I want to retain length then please ignore the misconception, you might never know your hair has it in it to be so long! Growing up I had the long hair, my sister on the other hand had short hair (see her cute natural puffs, my mum relaxed only mine when I was much younger because she couldn't handle my natural texture-sorry pictures are not clear);

...then we grew up and her hair started to flourish but still she had not tapped into its full potential until she too started a hair journey with me. Last time I blogged about her in 2012 this was her hair;

Let me blow your mind with the way mine was blown with her hair in recent time!

And you know why it's this long? again no magic...She is on a HAIR REGIMEN! She avoids heat, she keeps her ends trimmed and healthy, last year she retained her entire 6 inches, I didn't but someone will say 'I'm the one with the 'good' genes!' My foundation is very different from her's I am coming from bleached beyond damaged hair, her foundation is much better as she never bleached her hair, her hair is much softer than mine so breaks off less...but will she have ever known this if she gave up and said oh well my hair was short growing up and there's no hope for it? Seeing her hair now, do I give up and say oh well this is the longest my hair can be after all this time? Nah, I'll keep aiming to retain 6 inches every year and I urge you to.

A biblical scripture says as long as you have breath, you have hope...Dab's is telling you that as long as you have new growth EVERY month, you have hope! So buckle up, keep on in this journey, learn the right techniques/products and each passing year, your hair will be better than before and if you have a set back, just like the athletes and sportsmen at the Olympics train (your hair ) for next time!

We will surely reach our goal!!!

PS. It's my sister's birthday day tomorrow, perfect chance to show her some love!!!