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Monday, 27 October 2014


Hi Ladies,
How Y'all doing? a la Wendy Williams!! Well its been a while since I posted a tutorial and its not like I've not had ideas but its more a situation of how many hats I am juggling at the moment but I am not complaining,..the Lord is my strength!!

Before I start this tutorial, who like me is counting down to the end of the 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE?!! I am so excited to see who of the 32 ladies that entered will win the $100 prize, who will closely follow behind and win compensation prices...This year's hair journey has been filled with major ups and downs for most of us but the important thing remains to keep your head up, be consistent, learn the right techniques and be patient!!!

Now unto the tutorial :)

P.s I cut quite a bit of my bone straight ends over the weekend, I'm cutting them gradually till all of my hair is here's what I'm working with; In the pictures below I just loosened, moisturized and sealed my hair after leaving it in two plaits under my wig since after Saturday's weekend treat.

So Let's Begin...

Step 1- Comb all your hair down and smooth it out

Forced smile, Long day!!

Gather your hair to the top to gauge how high you want the bun.

Its time for the clip in extensions or if you want a more permanent bun, you can sew a track on a single flat plait.

For Clip in extensions, simply clip the extensions in middle of where your bun will be and the opposite direction towards your forehead.

Gather the hair and extensions together making sure that the surrounding hair especially at the back  and sides adequately cover the extension tracks.

Wrap the hair round in a bun... if you are using a doughnut enhancer, slip it over the hair and wrap the hair over the doughnut enhancer, distribute the extensions round the bun so they look like highlights and tuck them away...

 Smooth out your edges and Voila!!!


As you can see it's super easy to do and a fun way to dress up the often boring protective style that is a bun!!
Mail me if you try this style out, I hope to try more variations of this style and you know where I will be posting them...on Instagram!! #soaddictive!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Thursday, 16 October 2014


After blogging all these years, nothing makes me happy more than mails like this...Juditherese started her hair journey just last year and I am super pleased to see that after committing to the process and applying the tips her hair has been remarkably transformed, read below and see for yourself!!!


Hello Dabs, remember me? I sent you an email six months ago showing you my 6 months progress....its a year now and i'm very happy to share my progress picture. My hair has started getting real attention from friends and I decided to start a blog too to share the tips and tricks that has helped me personally. Just like you i'm also becoming an inspiration....thank you for making out time amidst taking care of your family and your business to motivate us that Naija hair can really grow!! Hope you check my blog from time to time on

My 1year progress pictures are attached to this mail;

GREAT PROGRESS!!! It can only go UP from here, the skills she has acquired last a life time, so that even when hiccups come along the way, she can figure things out and sail through...oh yes I am talking about hair but this applies to life in general...for those in doubt, best believe, NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW!!!


Friday, 10 October 2014


Hope you are all well! Two months left and the year is over!!! Who is retaining length!!! We will soon know the verdict!

Back to my topic, who like me has felt using an oil to seal your ends before you apply heat(blow drying, straightening, roller setting) is enough? You can imagine my reaction when I was browsing instagram the other day and came across a post that simply read in bold letters- OILS ARE NOT HEAT PROTECTANTS! I was like what?! 

Went straight to consult with my friend google and to my greatest shock, the online resources were all saying the same scientific proven facts- using hair oils alone will NOT protect your hair from heat damage!

You see for the longest time after reading about smoke points of oils and how the higher the smoke point(meaning-the temperature at which an oil begins to break down into glycerols and free fatty acids and inevitably produces smoke) the better the oil's ability to tolerate heat, so for example Grapeseed oil and Olive oil have a smoke point of 485F and Avocado oil's smoke point is as high as 520F thus they have been advocated as great oils to prevent heat damage SOURCE.

 So you'd think that'd be enough protection no? NO!Apparently it's not enough for the following reasons;

Every good heat protectant should help prevent full heat transfer to the cortex of hair, preventing degradation of the protein bonds that largely lead to split ends and breakage. 
While oils are great as lubricants, apparently they slow down drying so that if you are using say a flat iron, you have to pass it through more times when using oils and could end up doing MORE damage than protection!!

You want to know what a good heat protector should have? 

1. Silicones- yeah cones, I know?!! Apparently Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone are must have ingredients in any good heat protectant because they are both thin, water proof and heat resistant man made compounds that when applied on the hair strands, coat the strands then evaporate while allowing the oils and nutrients on the strands to absorb, Demithicone is also known to have detangling properties- SOURCE

2. Hydrolized protein/silk amino acids- heat breaks down the protein bonds of our hair strands as mentioned before so a good heat protectant should have protein fill in any broken protein bonds and strengthen the hair to withstand heat damage.

3.Glycerin or any form of humectant to help attract moisture to the hair as the heat is being applied.

4. Propylene Glycol is also a chemical compound that attracts moisture to the hair strands.

5. Cetrimonium Chloride to increase tensile strength- SOURCE
6. Then your carrier oils for all their nutritional goodness!

These above products should be listed among the top 5 to 6 ingredients on any good heat protectant's ingredient list.

I did my home work and found this to be true, most heat protectants have most of the ingredients listed above; CHI silk Infusion, Tresemme Heat Tamer and in Naija I've found Organics Olive oil extra virgin smoother and polisher serum
Of the 6 must haves mentioned above, it has Dimethicone as the first ingredient, it also contains Phenyl Trimethicone, olive oil, hydrolized oat protein and silk amino acids #winning!!! I think it costs less than a thousand bucks for this 6oz bottle so that's a plus...Now there is NO EXCUSE again, a perfect heat protectant can be found in Naija and I dare say other parts of Africa!! European and American residents, you are spoilt for choice and have no excuse.

If you decide you want to use heat directly on your dry hair with no protection whether its blow drying, flat ironing, thonging, crimping, rollersetting....what you are doing to your hair is what too much sun does to leaves, it dries the heck out of them, so that when you touch dry leaves they simply crumble to pieces....Do you want crumbled hair? I don't think so, note to self I vow not to use heat on my hair ever again without a proper heat protectant!!

Of course the safest option will be avoiding heat totally but when you want to give into the craving of silky straight hair or bouncy robust curls, then you know what to do!!

P.S You guys, I have been really into chemicals and stuff lately, next week I'll dedicate an entire post to all that I've learnt, till then have a wonderful weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Saturday, 4 October 2014


How's everyone doing?!! Hope well!Happy Sallah to all the muslim NHCG readers!!

I got this mail a while ago and I felt it had to be shared especially for ladies in hard water areas like parts of the UK and Europe, some areas in Lagos and Nigeria....

Here's the mail... Title- HAIR EMERGENCY!

Hi Dabs,  
how r u n your family? Guess you arr all okay. Thanks for the awesome tips on your blog they have been very helpful. Actually the hair emergency is not mine but my sister's,  she is in school in Turkey and they have hard water . Her hair is breaking badly so I thought I should ask if there is a solution to growing /continuing ones healthy hair journey even with the hard water situation. Thanks looking forward to a reply.


Thanks for reading my blog and for being such a caring sister :) the way I know to combat hard water is;

                           To use clarifying shampoos once a month to ensure that there is no build up...
Available  here

Get shower filter heads for when she wants to wash her hair to filter out the mineral deposits.

              Use apple cider vinegar regularly to rinse her hair to balance porosity and clear deposit build up.

         She can also try oil rinsing, by coating her hair with oils and allowing the hair strands absorb the oils before she proceeds to wash it out. 

          Here's a screen shot of the benefits of Oil Rinsing from Hairfinity- makers of hair growth vitamins;
Buy hair oils- HERE
 How to know your water is Hard? Basically, hard water is caused by too many mineral deposits like limestone, calcium sulfate and Calcium carbonate in the water, aside from leaving hair feeling dull and dry, it leaves things like ceramic dishes, utensils scaly, whitish and chalky.

Because of the deposits, you also find that it's difficult for the water to get soapy- that's the sure sign, so if in doubt, test your water today to know if it's hard or not.

Hope this information helps...Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub party

Happy Independence day my fellow Nigerians!!!

So as you must have heard by now, Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub played host to about 15 + bloggers and their readers at the Social Place, Victoria Island on Sunday.

It was such a colorful, fun, floral themed party and I'd like to thank all the lovely ladies who came out that day. The pictures are mainly for the next edition of the magazine where we will be elaborating on the bloggers and their blogs and sharing more pictures from the event but until then I'll share a few pictures and add links to the bloggers that shared even more pictures on  their blogs...

The rain chased us inside but that didn't get in the way of our flow...

Find out more about what we discussed in the upcoming edition of the Savvy & Chic magazine...

Here are links to other blogs if you want to see more pictures...

Berry Dakara- HERE
Chloe's makeover- HERE
Sisiyemmie- HERE
Z files on Style Vitea-HERE
Uzo Don't Touch the hair-HERE
KL Naturals-HERE
Larger than life-HERE

That's all for now folks, for those who'd like to take advantage of the import window, its open from today till the 7th of October!! Thanks for your usual support...


Thursday, 25 September 2014

RANDOM POST- Dab's can throw down in the Kitchen!! + GIVEAWAY WINNER

So here's my first random post of 2014!! While the primary reason for posting this is to pick a guest for the Garden party Savvy & Chic is having....I decided after posting my banana pancakes on Instagram to share my culinary adventures with you guys for a change...

So first up are the Banana Pancakes- I just chopped a banana(not too ripe) into pancake batter, tossed gently on the griddle and voila...topped with butterscotch syrup which had a sweet and salty tang to it! ❤️❤️


Next up is something healthy I whipped up last week! It's some brown rice (which I have grown to 
LOVE) and extremely spicy snail sauce with a piece of fried fish( not so healthy but oh so yum!)

Another of my recent meals...if you come from the riverine areas, PH to be precise, you will know we don't eat roasted plantain with peanut, we eat it with a spicy tomato sauce and fish. I grilled the plantain on my griddle, then made a sauce with shrimps and snails instead (loveeee snails, they are super healthy too, no calories), the side you see is stir fried cabbage and carrots spiced and crunchy!!

Next up is something more healthy...A Caesar Salad!! Iceberg lettuce, shredded chicken, tiny chunks of bread spiced and tossed in light olive oil to make croutons, Caesar salad cream, Voila!!

Then the not so Healthy...I made PIzza!! yup, dough and everything! Making the dough has always been super tricky but a friend of mine gave me a straight forward recipe that I tried out and it worked!! This pizza which I topped with shredded beef chunks of chicken and cheese was sooooo delish because the sauce was super spicy and the cheese gooey!! I loved it but cannot over indulge if I want to still fit in my skinny jeans!

More junk food!! My bro and sis tell me that I make the best beef patties hands down!! Here's Dab's burger of life, spicy and juicy *widegrin*

This next meal is a typical Sunday meal; fried rice, coleslaw(added corned beef) and grilled goat meat in skewers topped with tomato and onion sauce.

Below is my potato/chicken porridge...this adventure wasn't so great, I was over zealous with the oil and I added honey to the chicken marinade making a sweet and sour taste( I don't like sweet and sour at all)...very underwhelming!

Another of my adventures...I made scotched egg!! It's quite easy to do and I had fun molding the minced meat to the eggs, had it with stir fried egg noodles.

Up next is my version of a healthy Shawarma!! I got these wheat wraps from Goodies Supermarket, shredded some chicken, grilled them on the griddle, added shredded cabbage and carrots, topped with a thousand island dressing, wrapped and sealed on the griddle, had it with humus....delish and healthy! 

Last is my version of butterfly prawns served at Chinese restaurants. King Prawns are spiced, dipped in spiced raw eggs and tossed in...wait for it.........ground oats and crunchy nut cereal!!! You guys this coating is soooo delish, crunchy, spicy and sweet from the crunchy nut cereal...its sooo good!!

If you are not salivating after all this then you sure aren't a foodie!! Now unto the matter, there were three valid enteries sent in by Wenesday as stipulated and after using a random selector which picked no 3, my guest for the garden party is,,,,,

ADENIJI ELIZABETH!!! I will be contacting you with details.

Thanks for salivating stopping by!!

P.S I cook Naija food too oh!! Egusi, Afang, My native soup...I throw down there!! By the way I recently got introduced to a NHCG reader's food blog and love it! Check it out here if you are into such-ROHSSPACE