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Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hiya Ladies,
Wow Wow Wow!!! That's all I have to say after watching my phone blink up constantly from new emails(votes) for the past three days!!!

Thank you all so much for visiting the blog and taking the time out to vote for the winner of the 6 inches of growth challenge. For those who were following, the battle was seriously on and this contest is very heated with a record breaking 670 comments!!! I will use the next few days to sieve through the votes, disqualify fake votes(I will check IP Addresses), votes cast after the 20th are also disqualified and on SUNDAY 28TH AT THE GOLF PRINCE HOTEL, 24 ABANA STREET, OLD GRA, PORT-HARCOURT, during the HAIR REHAB WITH DABS HAIR MEET UP, the winner and runner ups will be announced.,,,soooo excited!!

The top contenders are; Folake, Stella, Tolu, Moji and Maryanna. Please all 5 of you should send to my email a contact number to reach you via as we will make live calls on the 28th to the winner and runner ups!!

That's all for now ladies....stay tuned for the announcement of the winner and more information on the HAIR REHAB WITH DABS Hair Meet up on the 28th.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Isn't God good!! We started this year out together and by his mercy we are still here closing the challenge for the year!! I am sooooo excited to finally open the floor for voting and choosing this year's  6 inches of growth challenge winner!!!

Please find below all the contenders who submitted their after pictures and have qualified for this challenge;
















These are the CHAMPS and deserve a big bravo for following through with the challenge!!! So the time has come to pick a winner, please LOOK CLOSELY to see who you think added the most inches to their PREVIOUS LENGTH, the goal is to retain 6 inches so  that means someone that retained  4 inches added to hair that was 2 inches in her before picture can win over someone that added 2 inches to her hair that added 12 inches before...hope you get the drift!!

If you do then please COMMENT BELOW stating your winner, all votes will be tallied by midnight on the 21st of DEC. as voting will OFFICIALLY CLOSE on the 20th of DEC, that means there are only 3 days for voting!!

The 2nd and 3rd runner ups will go to the 2nd and 3rd highest votes!! They will get fully loaded goody bags while the winner gets $100 to spend on hair care products or otherwise and a goody bag!!

Again please look closely and vote fairly!!


Sunday, 14 December 2014


How's everyone doing?!! The year has come to an end and I recently had my last touch of the year done. Here's an update on how that went...

I relaxed my hair at the end of  the 13th week after my last touch up. I used  my usual Silk Elements relaxer and for the first time since I started texlaxing, I used the shortest time of 18 minutes from start to finish which was a great feat for me as I usually always strive for less than 20 minutes but usually end up getting done at 20/22 minutes. With Texlaxing, every minute counts and since I am trying to achieve texlaxed hair from root to tip, my touch ups have to process as texlaxed hair not bone straight relaxed hair to maintain that uniformity.

Enough blabbering, here are the results of my hair after the touch up;

My ends still need to fill out as I got rid of most of my bone straight ends but couldn't bring myself to cut all my hair straight in a blunt line, so what I did was divide my hair in sections and cut each section taking off the split ends and thinness in that section;

The quality of my hair is so much more improved compared to my last touch up in September when though my hair was longer, it was made up of weaker bone straight ends;

Well that's that with my hair, people always wonder why I am not afraid to cut my hair when I feel the need and I tell them its because I know it will grow back!! As you embark on your hair journey, be confident about your ability to nurture your hair back to at least the point you have grown it out to, each year aim to push the envelope by ensuring that your hair is healthier than the last, even if it means you cutting off a few inches to attain that health...well that's my own approach.

These days and moving forward into the new year, I have devised a hair routine for my hair...Every Sunday I PROTEIN DEEP CONDITION, preferably with an egg or any protein rich conditioner/oils as my hair thrives with protein, I also MUST APPLY HEAT during this deep condition to ensure that the treatment is absorbed by my hair strands...

Then every Wednesday I Cowash with a moisture rich conditioner...This keeps my protein moisture levels balanced. I have had people exclaim when I tell them this is what I do because they just can't imagine wetting their hair twice a week but let me tell you guys, since I started doing this routine my hair just feels much more manageable, all that build up from moisturizing and sealing daily, clogged pores get taken care of on Wednesday allowing my hair tangle less, get more moisture and also allows me only deal with my hair on those two days...oh yes I still hardly use a comb in fact before I used to comb my hair wet after doing the treatments but since I read how damaging combing wet hair is even with a wide tooth comb, now I don't use a comb to my hair until its 95% dry. What I do is apply detangling products and moisturize and seal the hair after towel drying, so that when I comb it is easier.

That's what I have been doing for the past few months and I am seeing positive results, please feel free to share what you ladies have been up to and if you have tweaked your hair the mean time here are more entries for the 6 inches of growth challenge...for all those who entered at the start of the year, please remember that the last day to send in entries is the 16th of Dec!!
( That's in 2 days time ladies!!)




Keep em coming ladies, we have to find a winner by the 28th of this month!! Good luck and thanks again for taking part in this challenge!! Have a blessed week!


Saturday, 6 December 2014


How's everyone doing?!! Its DECEMBER!!!! How time flies!!! Well I am pleased to announce that the 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE FOR 2014 IS OVER!!! Here's how things will go down...

1. Entries have been coming in since from the 1st of Dec and will keep coming in until the 15th of Dec. 

2. After then I will put up a complete post of all BEFORE/AFTER entries on the 16th/17th of DEC on this blog.

3. In the comments section, you my dear readers will help me pick the Winner and 1st and 2nd runner ups from the time the post is up till the 21st of Dec.

4. They will be announced at the PH HAIR REHAB WITH DABS MEET UP ON SUNDAY 28TH OF DECEMBER!!

Pretty straight forward!! Let me leave you with the entries I have received thus far...What I can see with these ladies is overall better quality hair, the first thing I noticed all across the board was THICKER hair which is a tell tale sign that their ends are not breaking off as easily as before, it also shows that they retained growth and length!





These are just 5 of the 32 ladies that entered the challenge at the start of the year, as promised the star prize is a $100 cash prize which the winner can choose to spend at the hub buying great products for her hair or can decide to splurge on a hair equipment or a dress, whatever she feels like plus a goody bag which will contain most of my favorite things for hair care including Savvy Chic products and a proper NHCG length check T-shirt to keep tracking their growth, the other runner ups also get the goody bags containing all the aforementioned!!! :)

So who is pumped!!! Who will win this? Will you my dear readers help me pick a winner? It could be you next year!!!

I can't wait to find a winner, quick tip for the challengers though- Send in CLEAR pictures to stand a better chance at winning!!Thanks again for taking part in the challenge!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, 28 November 2014


How's everyone doing? Please if you are one of the ladies that entered the 6 inches of growth challenge at the start of the year, please start sending in your pictures by Dec. 1st

A winner will be announced at the PH Hair Rehabs with Dabs event on Sunday the 28th of Dec. The winner's before and after picture will enlarged and serve as inspiration to all the hairlistas present, the winner will also be called live and congratulated so please send a phone number to reach you by if you entered, you don't have to be resident in Nigeria...we will call you wherever you are if you are a winner, 2 other runner ups will be announced that day too, their pictures will be put up and they will be called and congratulated, as announced before, the winner gets $100 cash prize and a goody bag, the other two get goody bags filled with yummy hair who is pumped!!! Again send me the entries from the 1st of Dec!! Thankssss

Now to my topic. You ladies know I love a good concoction, but there is nothing as unnecessary as a concoction without a purpose!! Some dear ladies just starting out email with mails like this,  'Dabs I do those your treats oh, I mix eggs, mayonnaise, henna, honey, ACV, tea, clay, all together and just put on my hair, yet it STILL BREAKS!*arghhhhh*sobbbingggggg*Dab's come and be my hair savior, save me from this mess I am in*wailingggg*'. Lol! While I do sympathize with them, I also tell them that they are passing through the desperately finding a quick fix for your hair phase.  It's a phase every hairlista must pass through...

When I passed through that phase, everything and I mean EVERYTHING I heard that was a remedy for hair growth I was willing to try without finding out the reason why it was a remedy in the first place! Now I know better and while I am willing to try most things, I always take my time to put them in their appropriate class and for hair treatments these classes are; protein or conditioning/moisture. 

This week I will share with you simple protein treatments that can be done and instantly your hair will feel stronger, this will be especially helpful to ladies who want straight to the point treats, no experimentation and also new hairlistas...They consist of one main protein component, a lighter moisture component to keep the balance and prevent protein overload and oils to seal in the treatment.

Protein treatment 1- An Egg + Conditioner(without hydrolized protein or keratin) + oils- ceramide or protein free oils (olive, castor, sweet almond etc)- This treatment is quite simple, the egg provides all the protein and lecithin which both help to strengthen and moisturize the hair, the yolk should be the main component used from the egg on your hair because it acts as a serum, helping the hair to reflect light for an appearance of shiny hair.  Make sure to rinse the hair with cold to luke warm water to avoid the egg yolks cooking in your hair!!

Protein treatment two- Yoghurt + Aloe Vera juice/gel + oils-Yoghurt is packed with protein, it  also contains lactic acid; an alpha hydroxy acid which strips the outer layer of the hairs’ keratin, helping to improve absorption of other nutritious products like the Aloe vera gel/juice which is a great hair conditioner and the oils which will help lock the nutrients in.

Protein treatment 3- Coconut milk + Conditioner + oil- Coconuts are packed with vitamins like vitamin E, Vitamins B and C, they also have healthy fats and have the ability to be absorbed by the hair strands building the strands from within, mix it with a protein free conditioner and some oils for a good strengthening hair treatment.

Protein treatment 4- Mayonnaise + Honey + Oils- Mayonnaise is pretty much eggs and vegetable oil so its a great alternative to using actual eggs if you dread the idea of an egg on your hair, mixing it with Honey will give it the moisture balance and the oils will seal everything in.

Protein treatment 5- Gelatin + A Banana +Henna+ Oils-Gelatin is a form of hydrolized protein which tend to be absorbed by the hair strands quicker and better, mix it up with a banana, banana's are packed with nutrients like potassuim, vitamins E, B and C. Henna powder is also a form of protein that can be used on its own or combined in this way, great for filling missing hair shaft gaps and strengthening strands, add the oils to once again seal the treatment in.

Once you have applied any of the treatments, cover your head with a steam cap and go under a steamer or rely on your body heat for about an hour plus then either rinse out or wash out once with a sulphate free shampoo preferably.

Finally, if you don't like to concoct at all, I like how they grouped different protein conditioners in this article into, light protein treatments, reconstructors, deep penetrating protein and protein packs: Check on it and see where your conditioner falls under.

That's all for now ladies, will be updating you on the goodies I got from the recently concluded Naturals In the City Meet up in my next post...


Thursday, 20 November 2014


How's everyone doing? The 1st of December is around the corner, the 6 inches of growth challenge entries should start pouring in from then, can't wait to see the BEFORE and AFTERS!!!

Now to the topic at hand, I put up this picture on instagram;

It was a protective style I came up with using marley hair, I called it a MARLEY BUN WITH A SIDE FRINGE :)

I got asked about how I achieved the hairstyle and promised to put up a pictorial on the blog, so here goes...

STEP 1- I put my hair in a sleek ponytail

STEP 2- The Marley hair comes out to play- hold it in half with one end being longer than the other...

Tuck the hair behind your bun, flipping the shorter end to the front... 

Wrap the other longer end over the short end in front and round the back around the bun..

Secure the hair wrapped around the bun with a bobby pin or many as you need

The back should look like this;

The Front should look like this;

You can leave it like this...

or can decide to roll the hair in front into a fringe like I did;

I love this style because its super easy to do, it took me shorter time to do than to write this post and its quite protective as all your ends are tucked away nicely, it also doesnt discriminate, you dont have to have long hair, as long as your hair can be packed in a bun.

I chose Marley hair for this style because the waves with this type of hair are looser than kinky hair, the texture is also softer and not as itchy as kinky hair and it does look the closest to natural hair that has been twisted out.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, if you get to try it out and you are on instagram, please feel free to tag me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, 16 November 2014


How's everyone doing?!! I'm good and feeling much better about my hair than I have felt in the past weeks and its all thanks to one night when I was trolling the internet and stumbled on a hair blog, down in the comments section, a reader had commented about how great her hair felt after doing the 'MHM' as she put it, the owner of the blog then proceeded to tell her that she was yet to try that curiosity was immediately heightened...'what were they on about? what's this new term?'. I got to work like a detective and stumbled on a website specially created for this method called THE MAX HYDRATION METHOD.- HERE

Like the LOC Method, a brilliant American who like most of us has been looking for ways to retain moisture in dry, porous prone strands came up with this method..basically its a 5 step method that can be spread over 5 days or can be done in a couple of days like I did and the aim is to bring your hair strands to maximum hydration. How would you know that the strands have reached maximum hydration? They will clump together from root to tips and the curls will be defined.

I noticed that though it was not specifically mentioned that this method is just for naturals, it has been put to the test by mostly naturals with remarkable results to show and being the nosy parker texlaxed diva that I am, I decided to put it to the test on my texlaxed hair...

So first I gathered all my ingredients;

Baking Soda, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bentonite clay, regular conditioner, leave in conditioner, coconut oil and Aloe vera gel(not pictured).

So STEP 1; CLARIFY; This step requires that you clarify your strands from build up (sweat, dust, products, oils) with a mix of baking soda, honey and in my case I added coconut oil mostly to incorporate a pre-poo as well;

This sat on my hair under a plastic bag overnight till the next morning. Use a towel over your pillow case as this mix tends to be watery and drips all over.

STEP 2;CO-WASH AND FINGER DETANGLE- So the next morning, when I woke up I rinsed the baking soda mix out and co-washed with the Garnier damage eraser conditioner-

The MHM website lists a bunch of stuff that should NOT be in the conditioner you use for this step and the leave in conditioner step, view it in detail here- HERE but seeing as I did not have much of an option, I used the conditioner I had at home even though it had some of the no-no ingredients.*shrugs*  

I immediately proceeded to mix some bentonite clay with warm water and coconut oil (again, this time for the scent :), once it formed a paste, I rubbed it all over my hair, from root to tip and said heck, why not rub it all over my face, then my arms then my entire upper body *wide grin*

Waited 15 minutes (my skin itched me like crazy!!), when I rinsed out, I did an apple cider rinse( not part of this step) and I instantly felt my hair detangle and loosen up like all the build up was just being rinsed away, I towel dried my hair and this is how it looked;


I did these steps together and braided my hair into six sections, took the braids out this morning... trust me when I say my braid out has never felt so defined without being gooey and oily;
 My hair is movable and shakeable (if that's a word), I was even tempted to make a video just shaking my head from side to side but I thought how contrived!! LOL

I have NEVER had this much definition with out the crunch and hardness after doing a twist out or braid out, my hair feels soft to the touch and I just love how shiny it looks without me doing anything but loosening it from the braids this morning!!

 So do I recommend the MAX HYDRATION METHOD? Even though I did not follow the rules to a T or stretch it out for five days, I can attest to how great following these steps made my hair feel and I recommend  it to everyone especially naturalistas and those with low porosity hair...I'll be repeating this method from the clay rinse step during the week as I still have some mixed clay left over...

So that's that for this method, who else has heard about it, who has tried it, who is willing to try it after this post? Please feel free to drop comments below.